Product Genius Technology™ was born from our family’s over 80 years and 3 generations of industrial supply market experience. 


Product Genius Technology™ was created by Cris A. Young and Lisa J. Kleinhandler. Together they bring over 50 years of fastener and industrial supply chain experience to this exciting new eCommerce technology. With family roots in the fastener industry since 1936. Lisa’s Uncle Louis Vogel was the founder of Brooklyn Nut & Bolt and her grandfather Emmanuel Kleinhandler was the founder of Hudson Nut and Bolt. Their family pioneered the distribution business in the New York area and can be connected to many Fastener distribution companies in Brooklyn, New York City, and Long Island.

Going back several years, they recognized that eCommerce would be a changing force in the supply chain. They recognized it would only be a matter of time before industrial suppliers would be selling through online channels as well. In 1999 when preparing to launch their first website, they recognized a few big problems all industrial suppliers would face due to the complexity of product categories and the large volume of catalog data. Their idea was born from their desire to address these problems they had identified and have the capability to provide clients with the best online buying experience possible. They began visualizing how they could solve the problem that all distributors, manufacturers and online retailers would face in translating complex data and product catalogs into a visual representation that is both easy to use and accurately displays products.

The duo found themselves in Youngstown, Ohio in 2007. By 2010 they had completed an Small Business Administration MBA program called Emerging Leaders. After completing their strategic action plan they applied to become part of a technology incubator to grow their idea. They have received two e-Commerce technology patents and look forward to helping distributors of all sizes achieve their digital transformation. These industry experts have changed not only the fasteners and industrial supply industries, but eCommerce itself. For over 20 years eCommerce has seen little differentiation other than search filters to display complex product categories. The exciting news is this technology works for golf clubs, tires, furniture and any product that has a multitude of search filters to find products.